• A legacy of possibility

    After providing for your loved ones, a bequest to Taralye provides a gift of empowerment for children who are deaf or hearing impaired that is life-long — the same education and employment opportunities as hearing children.

    Naming Taralye in your will is a simple yet incredibly profound act of generosity.

    Different ways you can support Taralye

    Leaving a gift in your will can be done in a number of ways. The actual gift take may take many forms, including:

    • a specific dollar amount
    • a  specific percentage of your Estate
    • the residual of your estate or a percentage of the residual (after your other bequests have been distributed)
    • real estate, shares, art and/or other capital assets
    • life insurance policies or annuities


    “Your support of Taralye will give you the confidence that future generations of children who are deaf can be supported to listen, learn and speak to their full potential.”

    Therese Kelly, CEO

    While many do not seek recognition we encourage everyone who has included Taralye in their will to notify us. Joining our community in this way ensures you can enjoy regular updates and insights into the organisation including celebratory open days and special donor events.

    Taralye respects your right to remain anonymous while still notifying Taralye and maintaining connection with our activities. However, your gift may inspire others to give too!

    We invite you to consider nominating Taralye in your estate planning.

    Click on the following link to download a copy of this information: Taralye Bequest Information.

  • Information to complete your planned gift

    Please seek your own legal advice and consult with your family when considering your gift. Provisions can be made by updating your will or by adding a codicil which is a supplementary document to your existing will.

    Click on the following link to download a copy of this information: Taralye Bequest Information.

    Bequest wording:

    “I give and bequeath to The Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing (Taralye), 137 Blackburn Rd, Blackburn VIC 3170, ABN 80 004 856 053, the sum of $____ or ____% (or ____% of the remainder of my estate), to be used for the general purposes of the organisation at the discretion of the CEO and its Board of Directors.”

    Specific Bequest:

    A gift of a particular dollar amount or a specified percentage of your estate.

    Residuary Bequest:

    A gift of all or part of the property remaining in your estate after debts, expenses and specific bequests have been paid.

    Types of gifts

    Gifts can be made in the form of funds or property including shares or real estate.

    Some donors plan to direct their funds to specifically support particular activities. While every gift is wonderful, please consider speaking to us about how you wish to direct your gift to ensure it can be as effective as possible.

    We always strongly suggest ensuring you include a statement enabling the gift to be used as broadly as possible. The future is often unpredictable and this will ensure your gift can support as many children as possible.

    Please contact us to discuss how your gift can have the greatest impact.

    Taralye legal information:

    Our full legal name is:

    The Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing (Taralye)
    ABN: 80 004 856 053
    137 Blackburn Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130


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