• A legacy of possibility

    After providing for your loved ones, a bequest to Taralye provides a gift of empowerment for children who are deaf or hearing impaired that is life-long — the same education and employment opportunities as hearing children.

    Naming Taralye in your will is a simple yet incredibly profound act of generosity.

    Different ways you can support Taralye

    Leaving a gift in your will can be done in a number of ways. The actual gift take may take many forms, including:

    • a specific dollar amount
    • a  specific percentage of your Estate
    • the residual of your estate or a percentage of the residual (after your other bequests have been distributed)
    • real estate, shares, art and/or other capital assets
    • life insurance policies or annuities


    All bequests, whether large or small, will make a difference. You can include Taralye in your will in the following ways:

    • general purpose bequest to be used in an area of most need at the time
    • specific purpose bequest that decides which service or program receives your support and how
    • endowment fund, named in your honour, where the capital value of your bequest is invested and the interest it earns is used for specific or general purposes

    Let us know when you have included Taralye in your will so we can thank you in your lifetime.

  • Suggested wording for your will

    To help make the process easier, please find some suggested wording and our charity details:

    Leaving a specific amount

    Insert “the sum of” (being the amount you wish to leave).

    Leaving a share of your estate or your entire estate

    I  ……………  bequeath Taralye  …… % of my Estate, free of all duties, for which the written acknowledgement of the Chief Executive Officer shall be sufficient discharge.

    Leaving a remaining residual amount

    After specific bequests are written, insert “the residue of my estate “or “the % of the residue of my estate”(i.e. 20%).

    Leaving a specific bequest

    Insert the address of the property, details of the shares, life insurance policies, bank accounts or other assets.

    Leaving a bequest for a specific purpose

    To leave a bequest for a specific project or purpose insert the words “to be used for the purposes of” (state the purpose, program or service to benefit).

    Get in touch

    If you have any questions or to have a confidential discussion about your support, please contact James Worladge, Director Fundraising and Community Relations: call (03) 9875 6616 or via email.

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