• Together let’s make a difference!

    At Taralye we believe for great corporate partnerships to work successfully it has to benefit both the company and the charity.

    Rycon Building Group - Taralye Sponser

    At the beginning of last year, we became a major sponsor at Taralye where we now sponsor a hearing impaired child, giving her access to the amazing early intervention programs she would not otherwise be able to utilize.

    Ryan McKenzie
    Director – Rycon Building Group

    We understand the importance of and the mutual benefits available when forming a long term partnership. We appreciate that fundraising can take time and effort and so we’re here to support you all the way.


    Working together, we can create a positive message  that aims to increase staff morale by communicating how they are making a difference, how donations are being used and who is benefiting from their support. Through effective use of marketing and PR these messages can help strengthen relationships with your supporters, shareholders, and crucially, your customers.

    Some partnership opportunities include:

    • Nominate Taralye as your company’s charity of choice and encourage employees to raise funds or take part in an event,
    • Corporate donations are a tax effective way of making a direct contribution to services for children who are deaf or hearing impaired,
    • Sponsorship of Taralye events,
    • Workplace giving – employees can make a regular contribution through the company’s payroll system making it an easy and tax efficient way to donate,
    • In-kind contributions of goods and services,
    • Employee volunteering.

    Talk to our team today about becoming a corporate partner and how we can tailor a partnership to meet your needs.

    Call us on 03 9877 1300 or email

  • Workplace giving is an effortless way to make regular donations from your pre-tax salary

    As a charity we rely on donations from people like you. Every dollar donated helps a children who is deaf learn to listen and speak.

    All you need to do is sign up to your workplace’s program is to nominate Taralye as the recipient and the amount you want to donate each pay. Donations are automatically taken from each pay by your employer.

    Why choose workplace giving

    • Once you have signed up, you don’t need to do anything. Your donation is recorded on your payslip and you receive a tax receipt at the end of the financial year
    • Your donations are pre-tax, so your taxable income is reduced
    • Your employer may have a matched giving program so your donation could be doubled
    • Helps keep our administration costs low, so in this way you can be assured more of your donation is going where it’s needed most – helping children who are deaf listen, learn and speak!

    It’s an easy way to give

    Contact your employer about joining their workplace giving program or, simply download and complete our form. For more information contact our Corporate & Events Coordinator on 9877 1300 or email fundraising@taralye.vic.au

    Once you have signed up, your donation is simply deducted from your next salary payment and will continue to benefit children supported by Taralye until you or your employer advises us otherwise.

    Giving to Taralye through workplace giving is simple…

    You can sign up in three easy steps:

    Step 1

    Ask your Employer if they offer a Workplace Giving Program and whether you can register with Taralye. Your Human Resources Department or Pay Office should be able to give you this information.

    Step 2

    Ask your Human Resources Department or Pay Office for a workplace giving form that will give your employer authority to deduct a set amount from your pay and nominate Taralye.

    Step 3

    Complete the workplace giving form and hand it back to your Human Resources Department or Pay Office. Ask them to contact Taralye to confirm the commencement of your workplace giving donation.

    If your Employer does not have a Workplace Giving Program, please contact us and we will be happy to let them know how simple it can be.

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