• First Voice advocates for world-class early intervention services that give deaf children
    the listening and spoken language skills necessary to achieve mainstream education,
    employment of choice and social integration within the hearing world.

    Members include some of the largest, oldest and most respected centres providing services for childhood hearing loss in Australia and New Zealand. They lead the world in listening and spoken language therapies for children who are deaf or hearing impaired.

    The members of First Voice are:

    Cora Barclay Centre, South Australia http://corabarclay.com.au

    Hear & Say, Queensland http://www.hearandsay.com.au/

    Taralye, Victoria http://www.taralye.org.au

    Telethon Speech & Hearing, Western Australia  http://www.tsh.org.au/

    The Shepherd Centre, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory  http://shepherdcentre.org.au/

    The Hearing House, New Zealand (affiliated)  http://www.hearinghouse.co.nz/

    Taralye is proud to be a founding member of First Voice

    To find out more, click here to visit the First Voice website http://www.firstvoice.org.au/

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