Children who are deaf will listen, learn and speak to their full potential

We support children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families.

Audiology & Otology Clinic

Since 1997, Taralye has provided an Audiology and Otology service for children at risk of hearing loss and for the wider community.
Our services are available for children aged from birth to 18 years.

Early Intervention

Early intervention is critical for children who have hearing loss to reach their full potential in life and every child is unique as are their needs. Early intervention should start soon after your baby or child has been diagnosed with hearing loss.

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Whether you’re an individual, family, school, or small or large organisation, you can help raise crucial funds for our life-changing work – enhancing opportunities for children who are deaf.

What's On

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Taralye Market Day

August 26, 2017

Our Annual Market Day is scheduled for 26 August from 10am to 3pm. Everyone is welcome to join us for this community winter event during Hearing Awareness Week.

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Taralye Golf Day

(Previously Whitehorse Charity Golf Day) Taralye is excited to continue the proud tradition of the Whitehorse Charity Golf Day. After years of exceptional management by the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central, the club has kindly passed on the event… Read More

Break The Sound Barrier – A national campaign

Hearing health and wellbeing declared an International Priority The World Health Assembly has voted to make hearing loss an international priority.  At its meeting May 2017, Australia was among the many nations that called for a world-wide commitment to tackle… Read More

Special Announcement

Special Announcement from the Board of Management of Taralye (Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing Ltd) From early in 2016, the Board of Taralye has been evaluating possible futures for the organization. These discussions have been complex and difficult… Read More

Our Mission

To enhance life opportunities for children who are deaf by working closely with their families to deliver evidence-based programs, by participating in research, and by advocating on their behalf.

Give the gift of speech and sound

$50 will buy specialist electrodes to test 5 infants’ hearing.

$200 will enable our expert staff to visit a kindergarten to teach educators how to best support deaf children.

Become one of our Hearing Heros through a gift of $1,000 and support our everyday efforts to change the lives of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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